About Us


We’re a clothing company started by three sisters Christina, Kathleen and Megan. After years of sharing clothes when we were younger and countless text messages and phone calls exchanging clothing recommendations as we got older, we decided to create the clothes we wanted to wear. 


Megan has over 17 years of experience in the fashion industry and is now running her own consulting agency that supports primarily women owned clothing companies. Her expertise allows us to cut out the middleman and work with ethical factories we trust, provide data driven prices for our customers and create chic designs that navigate timeless style and current trends.  After studying studio art and art history in college, Christina has been dreaming up and creating beautiful things for the last 20 years. Primarily working in oil and acrylic and watercolor, she currently creates sweeping large scale landscapes and modern pieces inspired by Lake Michigan and the grassy fields of Illinois, our home state, as well as the Atlantic Coastal Plain, where she and her family currently reside. Her artist’s eye can be seen in all of our designs, from the choice of color and the attention to detail, to the print’s she’s painted specifically for this line. After 20+ years working for nonprofits, Kathleen’s ability to lead, distill big ideas into concrete products, and keep values at the center of work, is vital to the brand's movement from concept to reality. 

After helping to successfully launch other small clothing brands, Megan reached out to Christina and Kathleen with the idea for Dawson the Label. Together, inspired by our midwestern roots, we set out to make hard-working, bright and beautiful clothing made with ethical factory partners we trust.